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Bad Wolf

Gods Above Lucia

Posted by ulfruna on 2006.06.18 at 10:06
A group of rather impressive figures sat together in a circle, as though in council. Their surroundings were of cloud, mist and fog, ever-changing, dark and brooding here, bathed in sunlight there.

Odin rested in a lucious armchair of solid cumulus, grand and imposing, with the fierce form of Snorri perched to his right, and the dark and glowering figure of Fenris to his left. Opposite him was Nork, curled neatly in a swathe of stratus that swirled about him, echoing the movements of the sea. To one side sprawled the great and glorious figure of a Lion, shimmering with shaggy gold, casually grooming a forepaw. And to the other, a group if indistinct feminine figures that seemed to always shift in numbers, green and leafy forms that spread tendrils of vine amongst their nest of nimbus.

"Where is the fifth?" rumbled the Lion, Aslan, his eyes coming to rest on the Duck as though it were his own fault that the deity of Caerlommen was not present.

"Don't look at me," the bird hissed. "I don't even know who they are."

There was a murmuring amongst the others, but nobody really pressed the matter.

"You've been hovering over Fensgard quite a lot of late, Snorri," came the appeasing voices of the Glensidhe Goddesses. "While they already have gods to spare. Why don't you watch Caerlommen for a time?"

The Duck snorted and ruffled his feathers. "I'm free to guide whichever land I choose. And as Fensgard are the only people to regularly offer me tribute, with Fensgard I stay! I recognise those who recognise me."

"'n that's fair enough," snorted boar-headed Nork. "'m glad my folks have started acknowledging me again."

Aslan gave a bit of a grunt, his gaze lingering on some indistinct point in the distance.

"What's your story, anyhow?" came the deep growl of Fenris, rigid and unmoving from his place at Odin's side. "Since when were you a lion?"

"My people... seem more able to relate to me, when this is how they see me," came the answer, deep and proud, but with a certain fierceness beneath them. "And what of you, wolf? Where are your chains, your bindings? Does Odin have run free, once more?" His eyes flicked between the wolf and the one-eyed God, and something in his expression suggested he already knew the answer.

Odin grinned, whilst Fenris glowered. "Mind-control is all the rage, these days," laughed the viking god heartily, reaching over to pat Fenris on the head, heavy-handed. "Much more fun to bind him with my thoughts than with dwarf-forged ropes." The wolf sat up in a 'begging' position. "See?"

A murmur of gentle amusement rustled from the Goddesses, while Snorri and Nork laughed without restraint. Aslan merely grunted with disdain.

"Just you wait," seethed the wolf between clenched teeth, his body tensed and and quivering as he tried to fight Odin's control. "One day, I'll have your head!"

Odin laughed again. "Ragnarok's a long way off, dog." And he depositied the wolf back to the 'ground', in a most undigified fashion.

"You're just lucky I don't set my boys on you," Fenris scowled, bristling. "They're doing a better job of watching over Fensgard than you ever have!"

"Peace," voiced the Lion, his tone stern. "This is not the time to quarrel amongst ourselves."

Bad Wolf
Posted by ulfruna on 2006.06.11 at 22:25

The plotting has arrived!

Do not attempt to adjust your set.

Stay tuned for further messages.